Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm not okay

"I'm not okay,
you wear me out"
- My Chemical Romance

I'm not okay. I don't know if it is someone or something that wears me out. I just feel wear out period. It's just amidst these people around me, I could feel so alone. I feel no one cares. Last night, I don't know why but tears kept stinging my eyes for no reason. No reason at all and I'm being like this.

I'm not okay. This is the only place I shall admit that. I leave my problems behind, when I'm around other people. I'm sure they have their own, and they need someone with a sound mind to tell things to. And that's what I do. I keep these stuff to myself. And when I'm on my own, that would be the right time for me to meditate on it. I couldn't ponder on it while giving advise to other people, could I? And these things, I could still carry. What I feel is not important, what I do with them is.

I'm not okay. I should be okay. I must be okay. I need to be okay.

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