Monday, June 4, 2007

the not-a-salad sauce island

it's actually Hundred Islands by which I kept interchanging with Thousand Islands which is a salad sauce.

Well, I stand corrected.

And by the way, yes, I went there.

I went there to swim together with my cousins from Texas, who's on vacation. They're two boys named Matthew, 14 and his cute little brother, Cameron, 8.

We just stayed there overnight. Anyway, by the time I changed my clothes after I got back from the beach to our hotel room, I fell asleep immediately without knowing it. I haven't even eaten dinner, but its all good. I don't eat dinner most of the time anyway.

We went to Manaoag the day after because my grandma's sister says its the first Sunday of the month, and we should go. So discussion closed and we went. whatever.. I seem to be pretty lazy huh?

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