Tuesday, February 17, 2009

money money monthly

My midterms are coming up and I'm supposed to do my notes today but lazybum that I am, I have held it off until later. I monetized my blog instead. I applied through AdSense and BidVertiser. I have also registered my blog on blog registration sites.

I do not know the reason I decided to monetize my blog. It may be my mercenary nature or my impulsive disposition - that I do not know. Maybe I was just curious if I'll be able to make money on this. haha I do not know people who blog and earn from it personally and I would like to try and experience it first hand. Besides, I do not think that I will lose anything. It may be worth to try.

I have not finished arranging all the links and all the information of my blog on those blog registration sites that I signed up for. I haven't finished getting their links to put it up here on my site but be rest assured I will have it finished soon. I will have those links bombarding my sidebar in no time. I will try my best to monitor and regulate the ads so that it wouldn't take you centuries to open my blog.

Since I have registered and monetized my blog now, I should remember to write substantial stuff and avoid writing crap. Please do not worry, I will try not to bore you to tears by writing about Collective Security and the Socialist perception of the Third World. I promise (crosses fingers) not to sound too academic - as if writing a thesis.

Rest assured you will hear from me soon.

with love,
paige xoxo


Vinay Rai said...

what in the were u thinking when u applied for adsense and bidvertiser.
u are not a kid not know what u were up to.
just don't fool around people with all these stuffs on ur blog..

give fresh ideas.

Paige said...

Yeah.. I'll try not to screw up.. that's hard enough lol

Dan Mihaliak said...

Hi Paige
You now know someone who makes money from adsense but then again I have 15 sites.

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HalfCrazy said...

Hey, share us your tips sometime. I'm sure you'll be successful. Filipinos try their very best to reach their goals. Wait, you are a Filipina, right? LOL.

Registering your blog in this AdSense thing, which I don't know much about, do you need a credit card of some sort?

Much Love,

Lob Eng said...

I'll be watching and waiting...

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