Monday, March 2, 2009

remind me not to sound utterly desperate

Well, I shouldn't be entering a blog post now, especially if I have a killer exam waiting to butcher me tomorrow. Just looking at the graphs of my photocopied articles for my European economics class makes my eyes bleed. I am a total dummy when it comes to mathematics, add some graphs and I will totally drop dead on my feet.

I was having major headaches for the past few days and I'm sure I'll be having more of them in the coming trimesters. I'm losing weight - thank god, I lack sleep, I'm always tired, I forget to eat, and I'm always cranky. If you don't know what age women have their menopause, you might confuse me as menopausal. I'm planning to cut down my number of units for next term, so that I'll be able to concentrate more on my thesis - and besides, less units mean less headaches.

Over the break, I should read novels, hot romance novels or not - that might probably depress me because my sex life is practically non-existent. I should go bar hopping with my friends before or after the finals - maybe I'll get laid or something. Which reminds me, I should totally take down my picture on my profile or people will totally think I'm desperate. Well, I am utterly desperate to pass my European economics class and utterly desperate to get a real and normal boyfriend. Remind me to take down my picture before I die of embarrassment!


Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty said...

Your funny. Thanks for not making us feel alone out here with all of our freak outs and neurosis. Hugs to you.

Paige said...

hahaha well, all of us have our freak outs and neurosis! lol you are totally not alone!

Metal Film Review said...

ahah..good luck girl


NIce image, :) drop smile

Nonsense said...

I am a big procrastinator and I'm struggling in college! When things are due monday, I hand it in a few days later. Do you use If you do, look for me Blogaboutnothin. Good luck on all your exams and enjoy your Spring Break.

P.S. the template that you use is amazing.

Paige said...

hahah well.. i'm sure you'll make it through in college.. its just stressful but let us hope its not deadly enough to kill us.. :)

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