Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crush du jour: Jensen Ackles

Warning: this post is sexually explicit. To avoid offending your delicate sensibilities, hit the back button now.
Disclaimer: This post is not made by me and is reblogged from here 

   Why He’s Hot:
      1. The eyes. They have such a mischievous sparkle. But not like an Edward Cullen sparkle. More like a “whatever kind of trouble could be get into in the next five minutes” variety. Jensen eyes do a whole lot of talking. One glance and you’re unbuttoning, unzipping and undressing before he can even say a word. His eye sexing skills are off the charts.

2     2.Take it off, baby. A shirtless Jensen has multiple uses: Laudry service center, his abs allow you to wash all your delicates like the thigh high stockings and crotchless panties.  His abs serve and as an ideal eating surface. Who wouldn’t want to eat some Ben and Jerry’s off that? A gorgeous canvas for you to write poems and prose on with your tongue. A place to use your lips to convey his loveliness.

3.   3.  He will make you laugh. Sure it’s one thing to be really really really ridiculously good looking. But to be funny too? That’s a cherry on top. He’s the dude who would do the Axl Rose crab dance and wail the words to Sweet Child O’ Mine because he wants you to laugh. Oh and he does a killer Dead or Alive.

     4. Superior muscular build. All the better to throw you around and get nice and rough. He can hold you down and make you suffer in the best kind of way. So get out the tarp and baby oil, you’re gonna be having some fun.

         5.   Even dudes want to hit that.

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