Monday, September 14, 2009

Hong Kong, and whatnots

Sorry for the long post but it's the first day of the 2nd term in the university today (we have a trimester) and people were asking me how was our trip to Hong Kong. I think this will sum up most questions people ask.

Hong Kong in September is horrible. It was so warm, hot, and humid. Almost like the Philippines minus the jeeps, the cars, and the traffic. We didn't enjoy Victoria Peak much because it was so hot, I thought I'll be roasted stuff. It'll be fine if all my fats will roast too but we all know it wouldn't happen that way. We gave up going to Stanley altogether because of the heat.

Disneyland or Ocean Park is so not part of our itinerary. I went to Hong Kong last April and I already visited Disneyland and Ocean Park. In my opinion, Disneyland in Hong Kong is for kiddies. But I think you'll enjoy Disneyland more if you have some kids with you to babysit or something. Believe me, they'll enjoy it more than you will. And the rides in Ocean Park is so not worth screaming for. Besides the Mine Train and the Turbo Drop, nothing is worth screaming for. The ride called The Dragon should be called The Dragonfly instead.

If you want to shop, Hong Kong is the place to be. I literally went on a shopping spree. I spent a lot, and I mean a LOT. I bought dresses, shoes, bags, and ate Smarties Mcflurry. I think I had an orgasm after I had my first Smarties Mcflurry after 4 months. I think the Mcflurry is worth mentioning because there's no Smarties Mcflurry in the Philippines. I totally missed it. I bought most friends souvenirs, and believe me, my souvenirs aren't shirts or key chains with the word "Hong Kong" in it. They're so overrated. I already did that last April. LOL hahaha.

Macau became a lets-go-next-time kind of place. We went to Shenzhen instead. My uncle was asking us why we didn't bring a guy with us and told us that he'll be worried if we went to Macau by ourselves. But I don't have a guy! If I only did, I could've dragged him with me to Hong Kong so we could go to Macau. I'll say we could make out on the gondola under the fake sky and all. That'll convince him. Right? Totally.

We went clubbing. Clubbing in Hong Kong is nice but the drinks in the clubs are so horrendously expensive. But there's this place all over Lan Kwai Fong where you can buy drinks for less than 20 HKD, its called 7eleven. Sounds familliar? I sure hope so. We have 7eleven in the Philippines and its open for 24 hours. Thank goodness, we didn't have to buy drinks, being a visitor is nice, everybody wants to foot the bill.

Yes, there were guys. Seriously, what kind of questions are people asking?  All countries have guys. There are guys in the Philippines too, you know. But I think I know what people are asking, you do too. Well, we were introduced to some guys by our friends and it was so and so. Maybe we can recap some guys we met when we went clubbing in Lan Kwai Fong. From my friend's friend who patted my head, to the guy who gave me a beso-beso even though we didn't even have a conversation for more than a minuteto the guy who looks at me like I'm a piece of meat, to the good looking Mexicano with a cute smile but dances like a strawberry jelly, to the guy who said I could sleep at his place if my uncle already locked the doors (I forgot our house key), to the guy who said he wanted to date me but only if I don't take him shopping. Alright, I think we did meet some guys did we? Yeah, I guess we did. I went home at 6'oclock in the morning but I didn't sleep at any of the guys' place. Duh, I went to sleep at my friend's place and she is a she. I didn't take my clothes off either, except to change my shirt to sleep.

Mahjong is a fascinating game. I learned Mahjong last April and this September we taught Anika how to play the fascinating game. We spent one whole day playing Mahjong. Soon, I'll post my most magnificent winning piece. LOL

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