Saturday, September 12, 2009

lost in the wilderness called Hong Kong

Me: You're so good at finding these maps!
Anika: Because I don't want to get lost.
Me: But I thought you wanted to get lost?
Anika: We already got lost!! Thrice!! In the same place!!
LOL Happy Birthday Anika!!


Anonymous said...

Love this! Anu ngyari sa code nme q? ha?! told you I'd chek this out at 12. hehe.


Jeca said...

HHAHAHA! Getting lost with you guys seems fun! :D

PAIGE said...

Anika - Well, it was more appropriate to use your real name this time. You'll see your codename posted next time on some other posts. LOL

Jeca - Its not so fun as it seems, girl. Major foot-ache. LOL

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