Thursday, November 12, 2009

did you wait?

I haven't posted something this long in a very long time. I think its because of my fondness for blogging nice pictures and some funny conversations but the muse seems to have inspired me today. Allow me to write my piece.
"I'm attracted to you."
His message to me. Finally. The declaration I've been waiting for. I read it, and read it, then read it again. I had to be sure that I have not read it wrong. I felt like a thorn was released from my side. I knew what he felt. I knew it; a part of me knew but I could not make assumptions based on that feeling alone. He has to tell me. I had to know. It has to come from him or this feeling would remain a feeling, an assumption.

And then there it was. I felt the same, and I told him so. I thought that there was no point of denying how I felt. Who am I fooling? I would be fooling nobody but myself. Can't I just give myself that measure of self-honesty? If I like him, then I like him. There's no point of denying the feeling because denying the feeling won't make the feeling go away.

Then why not be honest, and just admit it to myself? That this post is better posted in pink.


hypermom said...

Ohh, I remember the days when I used to be exactly like you :) wondering, anticipating, hayy!

BTW, I gave you Neno's Award. Check out my blog entry: Confession :)

Michael said...

I hope it's the beginning of something good.

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."

Paige said...

Hi. i checked it out. i will be posting about the award soon. Thanks a lot

Paige said...

Michael: I hope so too.

Jeca said...

Yes naman, Paige! :))

Paige said...

Jeca: I already told you about this when we met. This happened before the 3 of us met but you saw him, he didn't bring the subject up.

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