Monday, February 22, 2010

same old same old

You guys should scold me. You guys should hit me in the head.

I'm still in love with him and I hate it. Let's hide him in the name of Le Jerk. I like it, it suits him well. Once, he went away and I became okay. Now, he's back and we're communicating again. I tried to ignore him but when we saw each other again, I fell head over heels for him. Again.


We're hanging out again and I feel like something has changed. I dunno. Sometimes when I mention that I'm going out and will be home really late like 1am or 2am in the morning, he would text me around that time if I'm home or will ask me where I am. He didn't do that before. God, I'm such a mess.


I feel like I should try seeing other men. Somebody liked me at the same time Le Jerk and I were "hanging out" but I felt that I was cheating that guy of the affection he could get from some other girl - a real girl who was not in love with somebody else. So I told him kindly of my disinterest.


I've decided to hang out with some other guys. Nothing serious and all that, just hanging out. I might be able to evaluate how I feel about Le Jerk. I dunno. God, I'm such a mess.


hypermom said...

Watch "He's Just Not That Into You." Mwahaha Pinapatawa lang kita, Jecs! Take care! :)

hypermom said...

Okay, mali pa ang pangalan, Paige dapat! Ano ba!! Old age!!! Mwahahahaha

Paige said...

Ok lang tita. hehe. I'll watch it. LOL

Jeca said...

Paige, Paige, Paige. :)

Paige said...

Oh Jec.

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