Saturday, October 16, 2010


Me and one of my bffs, A, went to Mega Mall yesterday. There's a big sale from October 15-17 and damn if we miss it. We gotta go visit Forever21 and they have only one branch: Mega Mall. So me and bff A went there to shop. I told her to prepare for war. I go to sales a lot and I know that there's no other comparison to shopping on a sale. It's going to be war and if you're gonna be one of the soldiers, you gotta look fabulous.

So, I donned my nice clothes, nice comfy shoes, and nice make-up. If I'm gonna be tired, I prefer looking fabulously tired. When we got to Forever21 in Mega Mall, a Mega long line welcomed us. Everybody was lining up just to get inside that store. Of course, like everyone else, me and bff lined up. We lined up for about an hour before we were let in and we weren't disappointed. Lots of quality clothes on sale. The material is nice and is reasonably put on sale price. Actually, I find the sale prices ridiculously low but who am I to complain?

After hours and hours of shopping in Forever21, we finally paid for our finds and ate lunch. It was about 4:30 and we were famished. I think we lost a few pounds from checking out clothes from rack to rack. But it was not over. We went to department store to check out make-up and that was another war entirely. We checked out more stores and there were more wars there. Kind of reminds me of proxy wars during the Cold War. LOL! After shopping for make-up, underwear, shoes, and bags, we realized it was 8pm and finally decided to go home.

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