Saturday, August 20, 2011

he's gone, period

It's over. He's gone, I ended it. Let's call him X1. Cute.

Why do guys are very different during courtship and during a relationship? And why the hell do I fall in love so quick? Don't answer that. I'm just ranting. Good lord, blame it on the oxytocin levels and blame it the hormones. Whatever. 

When we first started dating, it was sweet and nice. I didn't like him at first but what the hell, those initial feelings change. I felt secure around him and I felt that he did love me. After a while, I guess he changed. It all changed. He doesn't send messages as much, doesn't even call. There are 10,800 minutes in a week and you can't even use one to call or send a message? Fuck you. 

Don't get me wrong. It's over now and I moved on. Yeah, I guess there's still some bitterness but it's just bitterness girls usually have for their exes. Just normal bitterness on a person for a relationship gone awry.

Let's end this post with some Cyanide and Happiness. 'Cause bitterness can be funny.

Awesome <3

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