Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paige is wet

I got wet. Literally. I can think of a few hundred ways to get wet. Regular ways, sexy ways, and all other kinds of ways but not this. Not almost swimming in dirty and stinky flood water. There was a typhoon in Manila and there was a creek near our village exit where water overflowed. Not a good sight. It stunk too. There were diapers, rotten food, and who knows what in that creek. People throw garbage in that creek. I will not swim in that. No F* way.

I was supposed to go to work this morning but well, getting wet totally changed my mind. Not to mention, I stunk worse than old cheese. No going to work for me. I'm staying home. Totally. I don't care that I'm not getting paid. I don't give a shi*. I'd rather stay home than go to work with a wet and stinky ass.
Mom: Oh, you're back.
Me: Surpise, surprise. (I was being sarcastic)
Mom: I knew you forgot something. Here. *Hands me my swimsuit and goggles*
My Ma looked as if she was serious. My Da totally laughed over the phone. Crazy folks.

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