Friday, April 6, 2007

the mountain is young

So we had an excursion. We went to tanay and guess what? It's the Sierra Madre! One day I'm going back there.. Anyway, let me summarize the series of events that could drop me dead of sheer annoyance or enjoyment.. whatever

As the moon rose high above the sky, and as darkness penetrated our surroundings, monsters of the night crept out of their rooms to scare the people in other rooms away. Tonight! We welcome you to the Land of PDA!!! argghh... I was forced to sleep outside because in our room - the GIRLS' ROOM was full of lovers and I can't find my place to sleep because they were occupying almost all of the bedspace. Let me clear one thing: they aren't making out. They're just together, but still, could they give us a little consideration? We deserve a little consideration and discretion, don't we? Me, April and Elia, slept in the kitchen and it was freakin' cold. I crouched at my chair, rolled in a ball and slept. When I woke up - that's after an hour, my body hurt like hell.

I went hiking with Elia to watch the sunrise and it was one hell of a thing to see. Anyway, after that, I went down to our cabin to sleep. Everybody was awake. In between my sleep, I had heard Joshua say, "Si Paige parang may sakit." I wanted to tell him: yeah, I'm sick. I'm sick and tired of being here with you guys.. 'cause you guys got no consideration! darn it!

I enjoyed, but hell yeah, I was annoyed to death as well.

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