Saturday, June 23, 2007

tell me when you're stressed and i'll welcome you to college

I'm stressed

so allow me to welcome myself to college...


Our midterms were supposed to be in a fortnight, but guess what? the critical subjects or lets just say, our majors' midterm exams will be held this week.

There's a few factors that has added to my stress:
My depression, although this had become a normal thing that has been happening to me.. on and off, on and off..
My family, it's easier to say that I got no family 'cause both my parents are in abroad and my grandma's always out and she thinks we're always okay..
and other stuff I'm not going to tell.. and whatever you're thinking, I'm telling you now that you're wrong..

No one knows..

no one will understand..

And hell, I'm not going to tell, especially if I know you won't be helping and will just end up pissing me off...


Anonymous said...

Jeez... thats kinda crazy... same thing happened to me last semester. It was even worst since I was part of a Beer Pong tournament. Stay Strong!

miketheblacksheep said...

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