Saturday, January 17, 2009

the jerk magnet

My aunt and uncle from Hong Kong visited from Hong Kong and they were kinda teasing me about my being single. They were saying:

"Maybe you're too intelligent, guys don't like girls who are more intelligent than they are."
I was thinking: Oh yeah, maybe I should pretend stupid. Maybe if I talk about my hair, my nail polish, my bags, and thier looks, it might work out.. haha not!

I mean, I'm so not the desperate type. I have my share of guys but there is only one problem: MOST of them act like jerks or are jerks - maybe they still are, whatever. One had a girlfriend at the time he was professing how much he's in love with me. Thank god, it was over before I even got to be his girlfriend. The second already had a girlfriend the time he professed his feelings. I just can't say I like him back without ruining the other's relationship right? If being a jerk magnet is already bad enough, being a relationship wrecker is even worse! The third decided to just ignore me so our connection was severed and we haven't talked since. We greet each other but we don't really talk like we did before. The fourth just went somewhere else without telling me and just disappeared out of my life. No email, no messages, no calls, no connection, nothing. The fifth: we decided that we are too different and our feelings can't overcome how different we are, so we went on our separate ways. Me and the sixth still have communication and I know he likes me - I also like him by the way - but he also realizes that it is inevitable for us to meet new people, so we kinda have a good friendship instead. We still talk and chat. The seventh is so busy he forgot about me. haha He doesn't call, I'm the one who has to call him even though he doesn't answer his phone and doesn't call back. He doesn't send me a message unless I do. I really like him but I think he's so not worth it. Not worth my feelings, my time and my effort.

Those I enumerated here did not necessarily become my boyfriend. In fact, I think I haven't even gotten a boyfriend at all... Those guys above are just some of the guys I had a shared history with, not necessarily a intimate history but a nearly romantic history that was over before it even started.

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