Sunday, February 1, 2009

busy as a bee but still happy

I'm handling 3 embassy visits and one major party. I asked Anika to process one embassy visit. I am so stressed and I kinda feel good about it! haha I think this is what you call a good stress. And besides, I already organized one major party so I know what to do, not like before - a total tabula rasa!

The party is called "Code: MARDI GRAS" and we'll be holding it on March 21. It's a formal ball. So that means everyone has to wear formal attire, cocktail dress or whatever looks formal that doesn't look casual (obviously!). The ticket might be at 400php, dinner included of course. There's a buffet waiting for attendees!

I'm thinking that I should go bar hopping after the party. I would have to bring an extra pair of clothes, I don't want to go bar hopping in my formal attire! By god, I might look so out of place - or worse, out of my mind! lol


Dan Mihaliak said...

Hi Paige
Where do you usually go barhopping. I don't go many places except Hard Rock and I only go there when Freestyle plays.

Paige said...

I usually go hop at the Fort.

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