Saturday, February 14, 2009

SEX for the loveless

Before you think differently of me, SEX means Single's EXpression day.

Me and my friends celebrated it a week ago; and before you ask, I would have to answer: YES, we are totally single. Single and available. Don't ask me why, I am wondering about the same thing! hahaha Surely, the problem lies with the guys? There's totally no problem with us!

We went to EK (an amusement park) and did havoc there. lol We did everything we wanted; we ran, giggled, jumped, took pictures, and smiled at guys (of course). LOL hahaha. We wore our shorts because they looked good and felt very comfortable. I have to tell you it was so hot there! Unfortunately, I neither suffered a heat stroke or passed out. If I did, I would've chosen a very nice spot and pass out in the arms of a gorgeous man! hahaha

We celebrated this day because we have to let others know that being single is really not so bad. You don't have to be depressed of not having a boyfriend. Believe me, seeing different people would widen your horizon. Besides, I don't really want an exclusive relationship right now. It would be too serious, too heavy, and too problematic for me. Besides, I would rather be single than to have a jerk for a boyfriend.


jeca said...

Very nice entry Paige! The last statement says it all! :D YEAHH!

Paige said...

I know right?! single and happy! proud to be single!

purwaka said...

nice :D

LL&L said...

I'm married but I did not want to get married to stop being single. I loved my single days, they were so much fun. To be able to come and go as you please without having to consider how your actions will affect you whole family. I am happy now and I have a lot of fun being married. I don't miss my single days but it takes a lot effort to keep things fun. Besides when you get married it is suppose to be for a long time so I say live it up.

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