Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rambling about my eco class until I changed the topic

As I promised, I resumed commenting on the blogs I followed as soon as I survive my European economics exam.

Believe it or not, I actually survived it. I think I even nailed it. I am so happy because I wasn't very good in my general economics class before. I was surprised that I actually understood the graphs on the articles and I even raised my hand to explain the graph regarding FTA (Free Trade Area) in front of the class! I was surprised at myself! It was economics, and I was supposed to sit, smile, and say "pass" prettily if my professor asked me to explain those bloody graphs! I think this sudden understanding about the economic jargons and graphs stemmed from the fact that I actually fell in love with my course, that I am actually happy about being a European Studies major. I accepted the fact that economics is very much a part of what Europe is and how EU works.

If you are in your second or third year of college and still confused whether you should continue taking your course or not, I think you should decide quick. If you are not happy with your course, then shift to another. If you do not want to add more years by shifting to another course, then learn to love what you are studying now, so that you wouldn't feel like you're just pushing yourself to do something you do not want. Do not mind the bandwagon, there are already too many people in it. Me? I don't follow the bandwagon much, I just don't think the bandwagon and I fit. In fact, I don't think I'd fit in at all. Believe me or not, following the majority does not make you always happy. I just don't think it's the way to live my life and I think that it's not the way to live yours. Life is too short you know, do things that you want more, learn more, love more, and live more.


HalfCrazy said...

Hey, I like your layout! How do you change layouts? Whenever I do, I get the error message thing so I'm forced to use the old Blogger templates instead.

Also, I'm amazed sa mga taong who follow someone else when it comes to choosing courses. Like, "He's Nursing so I'll sign up for Nursing too, wherever most of my friends are." I can't imagine living a life like that. Something you don't even understand or know then you choose it because your friends did.

Congratulations with the graphs thing, for maximum efficiency, a person should really love the path he has chosen.

As for my case, I know I mentioned it numerous times before, that I shifted to Psychology instead for Math doesn't love me so I refused to love it back. LOL.

Much Love,

Foreign Affairs Guru said...

Thank you for commenting on and linking to my site; I've linked back to yours too.

You have a nice blog, and I'm impressed that you are able to maintain it with all of the schoolwork you have to do on top of it all. Keep up the good work!

CLAY said...

It's good that you are studying as hard as you can--I believe this will serve you well in the future. I dropped out of college and have been taught many hard lessons about survival--I wish I was as dedicated to my studies...ah! Well, I have my wit still! Bravo.

Paige said...

halfcrazy- find a layout with a .xml filename instead of .html and I'm that'll work.. :)

I'm glad that you decided to shift early in your studies to pursue your true interest..

I'm not so good with math too but I guess it grew on me because its part of IS.. lol

Paige said...

Foreign affairs guru: Thanks.. actually I'm trying to be consistent and post an entry often.. I liked your site because of the foreign policy thing! hahah I'm planning to make a foreign policy blog also but my schedule is a little tight and i don't think I'll be able to maintain two blogs at the same time.. Maybe i'll start another blog of foreign policy on my term break.. :)

Paige said...

CLAY- well, we are in school to learn how to learn but I think that school is not the only venue that can teach us that. We have different circumstances, its just that my situation has allowed me to continue my studies but if my situation was any different, I would have found another venue to keep my wit - as I'm sure you did.. :)

Anicam said...

I can see u are a student but does it mean you study economics-Very nice as you blog on your studies.
Nice blog keep it up.

BOGCESS said...

Hi! You have nice content here. Care to exchange links? Kindly add my blog then let me know so I can add you aswell.


HalfCrazy said...

Ooh, alright, thanks for the tip! I'll try it one of these days. I'm kinda happy with my current layout now anyway! :)

At least the Math involved in IS seemed pretty easy and important. Mine has tons of Math integrated in the curriculum. And not just all the high school maths. There's Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and other stuff. Just talking about it... agh!

Uhm, Bogcess commented that on my blog too. Yes, the very same thing. Maybe a spammer or someone who promotes his blog very shamelessly.

Much Love,

Paige said...

half-crazy: I know, right? I can't believe there's actually somebody who explicitly comments something unrelated and irrelevant just to advertise his blog.. very shameless indeed. lol goodluck to you and i hope that this eco class is my last math subject or i'll totally go crazy

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