Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Hong Kong all along

I am in Hong Kong all along. I was here since April 5. Anyway, the weather is cool and We have a flat here in Hong Kong that my aunt owns so we stayed there. It helped us save a lot of money - and I mean, A LOT of money. Hotels are so expensive and if we stayed in a hotel, we might've cut our trip short to 5 or 4 days instead of 2 weeks. Besides, the place where we're staying is already really nice. Go down, and you have fast food lined up the corner. Walk a bit and there's the department store. Walk some more, you can buy Juicy Couture. Just across the street is the cinema, Outback, Benetton. God, It'll take me a whole day just to tell you what's there just across the street.

I think we already spent 4000 HKD, or 500 USD, or we can say some 24 000 php. Believe me, from where I come from, that's a lot. You don't spend 500 USD in a week when you're only in Hong Kong - unless of course, (a) you're a tourist - check; (b) you buy everything you see - half-check; (c) go everywhere - double check; (d) and if you're a shop-a-holic - half-check . I have some more money left here, and I'm going to spend them all in a few days. I'm gonna have them exchanged (!) with bags, shoes, and clothes. I already bought some boots and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna catch more clothes in the past few days. I'm having an orgasm just thinking about those clothes I'm gonna buy. If only they're free... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go back to the Philippines totally broke.

I think I packed on some weight. I'm trying not to eat everything, I'm totally trying. I love food and the food here is so darn good but I brought my sexy clothes with me and I can't put on a lot of weight or I'll be walking on my underwear for the lack of clothes that fit, believe me, it might not be a pretty sight. Even me, who love looking at myself can't imagine walking down the street on my underwear. Besides, that's totally screaming "I wanna get laid" and I don't want to give that kind of impression- I am not that desperate. Besides, I just want the: "I'm single and available" kinda look. When I get back to the Philippines, I'm going to have to starve myself to death to lose all the weight I gained. I just hope its not much, I wouldn't want to die early.

I went to church twice this week already. I'm lucky if I return to the Philippines in one piece - without any of my body parts turning to ashes. My aunt's family is a very religious family. My aunt is my dad's sister and they're Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), we are of course, being my father's daughter, entitled to attend church while we're staying with them (yes, there's a locale here in Hong Kong). Hell, me, my mother, and brother are entitled to attend even in the Philippines! I just don't like the attendance thingy in that Church, it makes me feel like I'm in school. Even in the university, they barely check the attendance, and they check attendance in Church? Besides that, I have some things I don't agree on. I think that is why I haven't been officially baptized yet. I don't have the heart to tell them I do not want to. I just can't. It'll hurt them, especially my aunt. I'll post more on this sometime, I just don't want this thing to cover my 7 days in Hong Kong. That reminds me, I have a lot of things I have to post about.

Disneyland is so like disney. They say its the happiest place on earth. I got us lost and I think my mother and my brother wanted to totally wring my neck. I wanted to jump the double-decker bus myself. All went well, we got there anyway - although very late, we got to Disneyland somewhere 2pm but when they saw Disneyland, they forgot about me getting them lost. Disneyland is indeed the happiest place on earth - makes you forgive, and forget. Next time, I screwed up big time, remind me to bring them to Disneyland, I just hope I have enough money to bring them there.

My seven days here is pretty great and I have a few more days to spend and kill. I have alot more to post and I just hope I can post more, more, more.

Much love and lots of kisses (kisses are nice!),


shadowmoon said...

It's so good to be a tourist!
That's the best thing you can do!

Yes, 500USD is a lot of money to be spent in just one week! I don't think I would have the courage to spend that much even being a tourist, shop-a-holic who goes everywhere.
But that's life! Tourists are tourists because they have no worries right? :)

And about packing weight, that's hard to control. Don't overeat! Separate only a small quantity of money to spend on food and stick to that money. This will help you eat less and will also allow you to spend more on gifts! It's a great strategy. But if even by doing this you gain some extra kilos, don't go starving yourself to lose them! The losing process must be healthy otherwise you'll be "Single and unavailable due to healthy issues".

Michael said...

About Hong Kong: Welcome to our diverse city, Paige. My name is Michael, I'm a Filipino-Chinese student living in Hong Kong. I'm not sure if you've left yet, but I hope you enjoy(ed) it here.

About expenditure: I know exactly what you mean. Our cost of living is so much higher than the Filipino cost of living.

About food: It's so fatty, especially all the fast-food places, but it tastes so good that even I, a guy who's lived here his whole life, never get tired of it. I'm starting to gain weight, too... will need to hit the gym.

About Disneyland: In my opinion, rip-off.

I look forward to hearing from you in a reply here, or on my blog!


Paige said...

shadowmoon: haha oh well.. hehehe

michael: I know what you mean.. i agree about disneyland.. a huge rip-off.. i like ocean park better.. :)

JecaOnline said...

Paige! Haha! Funny entry. So honest. :D I will certainly come back here and post comments on every entry. So hope you won't mind that. xD

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