Friday, April 17, 2009

The Adventures of Lady P: Lan Kwai Fong

Not that, I'm not an adult myself but I'm sure you get my point when I say: which mother in the right mind would bring her daughter in an adult (?!) girls night-out? Apparently, my mom is. My mom accidentally met with one of her friends in Disneyland. They lost contact for more than 10 years. How small can the world be?

The day before my birthday, my mom and I went to dinner with her closest friends who works in Hong Kong. We went to Lan Kwai Fong to eat in a Mexican restaurant there. At first, my mom's friends, B and M, were not too sure about me but I'm cool, no judgement, just fun. While we were talking, they felt at ease with me around and started including me in talking about personal stuff, about their personal life and all. They were even talking about sex and alcohol; I didn't mind. No judgement, just fun. While eating, my mom mentioned about my birthday in the passing. With eyes wide with surprise, her friends told me that we will go clubbing, to introduce me to Hong Kong night life, apparently.

They were so cool and I should say that while we were like friends as well. My mom and M can pass as somebody in their 20's. B and me (obviously) can pass as somebody in their teens; some 18-20. Believe me, I'm the youngest and my mom and her friends are definitely in their 40's. When we transferred to another bar, I have already taken a couple of Margaritas. Not yet tipsy but I'm going there. We ordered Smirnoffs and Coronas. We danced with the music and some guy approached my mom and asked if she wanted to join him and his friends. Apparently, picking her up. That was the second time in one night. My mom just smiled and politely replied that she has her friend with her. M told us that she found a guy cute and pointed at him. The guy just across us together with his wife thought that we were talking about them and whispered with each other while pointing at us too. Allow me to translate what I think they were talking about.

wife (I think): I think that girl likes you. She was pointing at you.
guy: Which girl?
w: *points at M*
g: *says something, by this time I already turned to M to talk to her*

"I think they thought you were talking about that guy across us." I told M. M snorted and said "Not him, him!" She said while pointing somewhere, perhaps behind the guy and his wife. When we looked back at the couple, they were gone.

While dancing, a guy approached us to ask us to take their picture. We laughed but took their picture anyway. After that, I said, "We dressed up and looked pretty. For what? To take some guy's picture?!" I laughed.

When I took out my camera, one of the guys who asked me to take their picture, told me they'll take our picture in return. I smiled and gave him my camera to take a shot. After a couple of songs, we went out and B called a taxi. I thought we were going home and I checked the time: 11:20pm.

We got in and B said to the taxi driver, "Wan Chai." My outgoing self just smiled and sat comfortably.


et said...

Whoa! So you girls had a good time at the club! And you're good at this what-they-probably-said translation! Keep it up! :)
And what did happen at Wan-Chai?

droL said...


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JecaOnline said...

Oooh! Made me wonder what happened in Wan Chai.

Must have been a wild night. Haha!

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