Monday, May 4, 2009

The Adventure of Lady P: Wan Chai

In Wan Chai, we entered another bar and placed our order, mine being another Smirnoff. We were sitting inside when some women went inside and started dancing in the dance floor.

B gestured her head towards them and said, "You see those 4 women there? They're Filipinas too. Prostitutes."

I followed to where she was gesturing and narrowed my eyes on the women. Filipinas, indeed. B continued, "In Hong Kong, there's a stereotype among the other foreigners that besides being domestic helpers, Filipinas are prostitutes."

A guy sat on the seat beside B's and asked our names. B said "My name's M. (the name of our other companion.)" I smiled at B for using M's name but said nothing. I said hi and told mine. We went back to our conversation after that perhaps to let him know that we're not interested.

There are other Asian people working as prostitutes there but there are many Filipinas working as such. I knew that it was wrong to stereotype all Filipinas working in Hong Kong either as domestic helpers or prostitutes. I knew a lot of Filipinos who work as Stewardess, Hotel clerks, Managers, and etcetera. Then I wondered, maybe its just the crowd I surround myself in. My mom's friends are neither domestic helpers and prostitutes, in fact they're Managers and Hotel Clerks, and my aunt is a Stewardess. Don't get me wrong, being a domestic helper is a decent job; and I don't want to comment about Prostitution, I will keep mum about that issue. But besides that, a stereotype is a stereotype.

12'oclock and they greeted me happy birthday. After a while, we transferred to another bar. The four of us were waiting outside the elevator to go inside. The elevator opened; B, M, and I went inside. The door was closing and my mother was still outside. We looked at each other and M said "ay..." The door closed.

Upstairs, B went out the elevator, M and I decided to just stay inside and pick up my mom downstairs. Some Indians went inside the elevator and M tapped my cheek to turn my back on the men.

"Don't look at them." She said. I couldn't help myself so I asked why. "They might confuse us as prostitutes." The men were trying to talk to us inside the elevator. Whether or not they think we were prostitutes, they were still planning to pick us up because true enough, I heard the men talking among themselves. "They are Filipina, yes?" As if we don't understand a word of English.

All of us went inside the bar and the bouncer asked for our I.D. I smiled and showed mine. He was asking for another I.D., one which shows my age but I told him that was the only one I have with me. He said okay and gave me a stub for a free drink. M showed hers. The bouncer just looked at my mom's boobies, didn't asked for an I.D, and handed her a stub. B held us up because they were asking for more I.Ds. She showed her work I.D, her credit cards, and all the I.Ds she had. Until the bouncer gave up, and just let her in.

On the bar, we met B's friend. They asked us to order drinks - on the house. I ordered another Smirnoff, and danced 'til I got dizzy. B's friends called me to have a blow job. Don't get me wrong, its an alcoholic drink. They placed the shot glass in front of me and asked me to drink it using just my lips, poking the contents with my tongue so that they'll all slip smoothly inside my mouth. Feeling a little bold, I gave no arguments and did their instructions. After that, they shouted loudly and greeted me happy birthday.

I went back to our spot and took my Smirnoff. Funny, I was sure I already finished mine. I thought nothing of it - just shrugged and just took a swig on the half-full bottle.


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mybasilandsage said...

Hi! It so unfair to be stereotyped as such. Think you had fun in your trip..

MrNiceGuy said...

nice set up... hope you had a good time...

Paige said...

box offices: LOL

mybasilandsage: Yes, it was fun

MrNiceGuy: Thanks. I had a good time :)

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