Thursday, January 21, 2010

symbols and more symbols

Mr. Marasigan: Symbols are very important in our society. If you're in China, you're hungry, and you see a big yellow M, what is that?
Class: McDonald's.
Mr. Marasigan: If you see a red can?
Class: Coke.
Mr. Marasigan: How about an apple slightly bitten?
Me: Snow White?

When I said this, my professor totally cracked up. Haha. The answer was Mac. Lol Well, you know. I was thinking, if you see an apple slightly bitten, somebody must have ate it! It must've been Snow White! Haha


In one of my other classes....
Mr. Dolor: The Ganges River is very sacred to the Indians. They believe that the water in Ganges came from the mouth of Brahma (Indians' God). It has something to do with a legend.
Girl: So technically, they're swimming in God's saliva?


Ian said...


Jeca said...

Paige, you're crazy. XD

Paige said...

Ian- LOL

Jeca- You're totally right.

Michael said...

There was once a description of a woman's dark hair, likening it to the nightsky with bright shining stars scattered across it.

And I remarked, "So the brunette has lots of dandruff?"

Love your candid displays of logical thinking in class. I am very much the same way. :D

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."

Paige said...

Michael - LOL. I think so too. I laughed when i read your comment. XD

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