Friday, January 15, 2010

swam from the grave

If you're wondering how you'd go swimming from the grave, I dunno either but it the title seems appropriate at this moment. Yes, I'm still alive just in case you're wondering. I should be talking and blogging about Haiti now. We know all about what happened in Haiti and my heart goes to all the Haiti people. But you know, my self-centered me thinks about me and wants to talk about me. I hope you don't mind.

I started swimming regularly now and it kindof feels good. It helps me de-stress and all that. I was an insomniac and swimming kindof makes me sleep at night. It kindof makes me feel good about myself. Like I'm fit or something. Haha

Mela: You bought a two thousand peso swimsuit?!
Me: Well, its a Speedo.
Mela: Is it made of gold?!


SWIMSUIT: Dresden blue, white Speedo lettering
SWIMMING CAP: Dresden blue
GOGGLES: White elastic bands
Even swimming laps, it doesn't hurt looking good. Besides, doesn't it encourage you to swim regularly?
-Me and my vanity
Me and my vanity, it never fails to amaze even myself. LOL


Ian said...

Glad to see you're back...and swimming!

Paige said...

Thanks ian. glad to be back too. LOL

hypermom said...

Maganda naman talaga ang Speedo! :)

Last time I read your blog, you were set to Shanghai or someplace. Natuloy ka ba? :)

Jeca said...

I like this! Keep it p! :D

Paige said...

Hypermom - Hay tita, hindi e. I was convincing my mom to let me go but my grandma interfered and didn't let me go kasi daw we'll be paying for the tickets daw. LOL

Jeca - Oh I will. LOL Beach tayo this summer!

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