Monday, July 5, 2010

Meow says the ugly one

"You're a pussy.... And by the way, you're fucking ugly.. All of you..."
My girlfriends and I went out one night. My friend brought one of her male friends, M. Turns out, he's the only guy in the group. Some of our friends dared him to get a girl's number and we kindof chose a girl for him. A big mistake. The girl turned out to be a bitchy gold digger and asked M to buy them three pitchers of drinks for three names without a number. M backed out but at least he tried.

All of sudden, this bitchy gold digger came up to us and called our friend a pussy and called all of us ugly. Can you imagine the scenario? I wasn't fully armed for battle but I was not looking fucking ugly, excuse me. I was wearing a mini skirt and a nice top. I was looking really good for a chillax night.

Does this look fugly to you? Surely not. LOL


Jeca said...

That girl actually had a nice face, her mouth and the words that came out of it totally blew it though.

hypermom said...

Sino yang babae na yan? Sampalin!!!

Paige said...

@jeca - Whatever. Its not as if we're going to see her again. LOL

@hypermom - Gusto na nga patulan ng friend namin e. hahaha

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