Sunday, June 27, 2010

On kiddos and french men

"Kiddo: You look.... hot. You're hot. *shakes head* You're really hot.
I went clubbing last night and I met this guy who was a year younger than me. He totally lacked subtlety. You can tell me I'm hot once, and I swear it will totally register in my brain and boost my ego up. But tell me twice, thrice, four times? I'm not flattered; I'm just annoyed.

Note to self: When under the influence, stay away from gorgeous French men.
He's really good looking and under the influence, he looked even better. He had an irresistible smile and gorgeous eyes. Gad, I'm a sucker for that piercing look. Don't look at me like that! Don't smile at me like that! I'm melting, HELP! But it's alright, it's a good kindof melt. Haha. He also had a nice voice and doesn't talk much rubbish. Oh French men, they know what subtle is. Not to mention the French owned French kissing. That's probably why they have French on it. Haha

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