Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Puerto Galera

I just got back from Puerto Galera. I mean, I just got back like two months ago -  if that still counts. We went island hopping and the beaches were amazing. So amazing that on the second day, we abandoned the sunblock and lounged on the beach all day. I mean it. ALL DAY. From 8am to 5pm. Just hopping from island to island and went frolicking on the beach under the hot sun. Just imagine how dark I am now. Everybody is commenting how dark my tan is. What's the sish? I had a life this summer.

I took pictures of the virgin beaches we went to when we where island hopping. I didn't take pictures of the main beach. My god, the whole humanity was there! At least here, there were very few people on the other surrounding islands and we had time to lounge and relax.

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