Sunday, May 2, 2010

On work and silly messages

It was me and Ms. Charmaine walking on Greenbelt last Thursday. Talking about work.
Me: Oh my god! I just thought of something!
Ms. Charmaine: What?
Me: How do you get rid of work?
Ms. Charmaine: Hmmm.. How?
Me: By working!
Ms. Charmaine: Oh my god!

One of Cheesecake's text messages:
The wretch misses hanging out with the brat.

Well, he admits he's a wretch - haha, that's what I call him and he calls me brat. Hmpf! Then what does he really miss? Me or the company? Or is one the same as the other?

Oh btw, Le Jerk and Cheesecake? Same person. Lol! I only call him le jerk here when I'm irritated with him. LOL


HalfCrazy said...

Haha, that's a funny conversation. I gotta keep working to lessen my burden. Else they're gonna be sitting on top of each other and I'll be getting bad grades. Now I don't want that.

Paige said...

Well, you know how to lessen that workload... Work some more! Lol hehehe

Charmaine said...

Like! And my work is still a pile.

I know what we're exploring next time: Malaysian food. Game?

Paige said...

@charmaine - Yay! Game!

Jeca said...

Le Jerk suits him more. :D

Anonymous said...

How's Le Jerk doing?

Paige said...

Le Jerk is gone. LOL

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