Friday, April 30, 2010

On sickness and Indian food

I'm sick - I mean literally sick. My head is thudding, pounding, and doing all those -ing stuff your head makes when it hurts. Whether its over-training or getting wet by the rain yesterday, beats me.

I went to Greenbelt with a friend yesterday. We ate Indian food, gelato, and looked at more than a dozen pair of shoes. The Indian food was amazing. I couldn't figure out if its salty, sour, or sweet. It was like all the flavors bursting in your mouth. Cumin, curry, yogurt, and all those other stuff you wouldn't think of having all in one meal. Ms. Charmaine took care of our orders -  I didn't know what to order. The description of the dishes were weird, and the names sound foreign (Indian, of course!). Oh! I asked for water! Your plain old water. Couldn't go wrong with that.


Michael said...

Water's always good with Indian food.

Paige said...

yeah, but what I meant was: water was the only familiar thing I could find in the menu. LOL Good thing, my friend was familiar with indian food. XD

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