Friday, April 23, 2010

from relationships to bikinis

So you didn't show up and he's willing to risk the relationship based on that one thing?

So let me fill you in what happened. Le Jerk called and said he'll be around this restaurant near where I was swimming and he waited for an hour and I didn't show up. He got mad and told me to erase his number - friendship over. I said I'm sorry - I really am. My uncle told me that if Le Jerk was willing to let the whole relationship go down the drain based on me ditching him, then he must not be worth it. There are other ways to get mad at me that won't actually put the relationship on the line. My uncle also said that he must've said in anger. I know that people say some things like that in the heat of the moment. Everybody gets carried away. But can I carried away in a white horse? By Prince Charming - Cinderella's, Snow White's, Sleeping Beauty's husband? Lol Now, I'm literally getting carried away. Ignore that.

So I didn't communicate with him for almost two weeks but when his birthday came up, I greeted him. He replied and we're cool now. One Sunday, two days after his birthday, he came over to our house, ate cheesecake, and hung out. I also invited him to go on my birthday. I had a party. But he didn't make it because he was in Bulacan. Whatever he was doing there, beats me. I didn't ask.

Just yesterday, I changed my number and informed my friends. One friend, lets hide him in the name of Frankfurt, replied and we texted a bit. Frankfurt and I haven't talked for a long time and its quite nice to reconnect with an old friend. He told me that we should hang out again and I should "holla" him when I'm free. He also invited me to go to Puerto Galera with him and his friends and I accepted the invitation. I think this is an opportunity to re-evaluate what I feel for Le Jerk - hanging out with other friends and meeting new people. I might feel this way for him probably because I'm not hanging out with guys other than him. And besides, it would be really nice to have a trip with friends. It might be fun. Going to the beach this summer! I'm so happy! Don't tell anybody but I bought bikinis and tankinis last year and I've been looking for a chance to use them. Not to mention I've been swimming like crazy too, toning up. Haha. That reminds me, I gotta go now. I gotta swim a mile today too. It would be a shame if I won't be able to use those bikinis. A damn shame. Haha

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