Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just got ditched

I was just starting on my training when Le Jerk texted and told me that he'll be coming over at this certain restaurant near school to eat. I said I'll be done by 3pm then I'll go meet him. Add the miscommunication, late messages and all that, I was not able to meet him in the end. He was so mad at me because I was not able to go. He said I was just across the street and he even cut his training for me before (he does training of some sort for another sport). It seemed he was not able to receive my text messages. I should've called him and I know that. It was my fault.

He asked me to delete his number and that we're friends anymore. He said he doesn't know how I'll make up. I know its my fault but does he really have to be so hard on me? I'm thinking he might have said that in anger and I thought I should let him cool down a bit. Maybe give or take a few days, I'll send another message asking if he's still very angry. If he still doesn't forgive me after that then I think I should not push it and move on with my life.

Its sad, I know but that's life and shit happens. Sometimes, even when we wipe the tissue paper, some of the shit remains. Let's just see what happens.

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