Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drama du jour: You're Beautiful

These past few days I've been glued to the television by a marathon of the Korean drama: You're Beautiful. It was aired in the Philippines last year and I know its so like early 2010 but I wasn't in the mood then. I'm in the mood now.

Its a funny story about Go Mi Nyu - a nun-to-be who disguised herself as her celebrity twin brother, Go Mi Nam. Her twin will be joining a group called A.N.JELL - the leading boy group in Korea. Circumstances made Go Mi Nam indisposed so Go Mi Nyu disguised herself as him until he comes back from America. Go Mi Nyu is one of the clumsiest and the densest person you'll ever come across. What follows is a string of disasters including a few people finding out that she's a girl. It's so funny, my mom was looking at me like I lost my mind. If you want a rest from more serious television series, this one is really nice. It makes you laugh one minute and then cry at the next. Me being in an emotional roller coaster is beside the point. It's just really funny and full of drama at the same time. And did I mention I'm crushing on Shin Woo? He's the guy on the left. Cute! Be mine! LOL

My friend brought me some more Asian drama dvds and I'm so excited to watch 'em!

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