Saturday, January 22, 2011

working girl

That's right. I'm now working at Thomson Reuters. Hurrah! It's my first week and it was all about getting to know the company, fitting in and stuff like that. Not to mention, getting to know some people also in my batch. On our first day, we had free lunch!! Yehey, buffet! I did not eat very much though. My new found girl friends were eating small portions and I was very shy to be the only one with large portions on the bunch. Haha! Takaw much?

From Tuesday to Friday, I brought lunch to the office.  But I go down during lunch time to watch my friends smoke. I don't smoke; smoking is not for me. I could go party 'til dawn and drink alcohol but I'll have to pass the smokes my friends.

I was thinking I should go back swimming or do some sort of exercise again because I'm noticing my skirts are getting tighter. I love my curves but I don't need to be even more curvy. I hate the word "fat". Use it it my presence and describe me as such and you'll be finding yourself under the skirts of your momma.

Did I say I had yogurt ice cream today? I had Vanilla yogurt with granola and strawberries. Simply delicious!

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