Wednesday, February 9, 2011

run over: tricycle over my foot.

Me and my co-workers have been training for days on end about loads of stuff on publishing law materials and I'm telling you if this isn't information overload, I dunno what is. I had the 10am-7pm shift before and I get home almost at 9pm. I swear, all I do when I get home is sleep. I have to eat early dinner at the office because if I get home without eating, I wouldn't be able to eat. I couldn't muster the appetite - or the strength. Starting today though, I have the 8am-5pm shift - office hours, yay! I could be home at almost 7pm, eat then do some stuff like check my facebook or blog, and then sleep. Yippeee!

Did I tell you about my day? A tricycle ran over my foot. Seriously. I have a huge gash on my foot. After my foot was ran over, I went back home. My mom was panicky and my brother was muttering stuff about how stupid I am. I cleaned my wound and asked my brother to bandage them. I even told him:
"You have to hurry! Male-late na'ko sa work!"
I said that, I'm serious. After my wound got cleaned and bandaged, I hopped on a taxi and went to work. Its nothing now really. It's just a bother because it stings at the wrong moments and makes me limp a little bit. The worst part about it is: I couldn't wear my heels. It's too damn bad.

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