Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My last post was in February and I apologize for not being able to post regularly. I'm not that busy - not really. I'm just plain lazy. As you know, I've started working last January. And since then, I had my foot ran over by a tricycle wheel and had my phone snatched. It all happened one week apart. Fun, fun.

I also bought new clothes, new shoes, and lots of other new stuff. You know me, I have that penchant for panic-buying cute things. I'd have hardly any money left just a few days after every pay day. Say, shopaholic? Just recently, I've opened a new account and I transfer some of my money every time I receive my pay so I could save some money.

All things considered, I've been happy with work. I've never been so thrilled to dress up everyday. My co-workers are funny too. They love to take pictures when we go out and good god, some of the shots were hilarious.

These are some stuff taken in the office.

K, I, and D. I dunno what kind of pose they we're making. Zombie pose? Well, D is just out of this world. If you get what I mean. He's just so out of it.
Sarah posing for the pictures and us in the background, being photo bombs. Is K doing ballet?
Us doing some sort of sexy pose. From the left, S giving you the I'll-seduce-you look; Z doing the I'll-kiss-you look; Me showing my cleavage; and K still busy doing the ballet

credits to my co-workers for the pictures. :)


Dainty Erika said...

You're so cuute when you dress up :D
It was nice meeting your co-workers ^^

♥ Erika

Paige said...

thanks! I always dress up for work. :) co-workers are always so goofy and funny. :)

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