Friday, April 8, 2011

Anberlin concert, how awesome is awesome?

I forgot to post about the March 9 Anberlin Concert. It was truly one of the best. The band was amazing and the crowd was just as interactive. We we're all singing along, jumping and screaming to the songs. The crowd was chanting "Anberlin" just after the first song. You should see the band members' faces. They were smiling from ear to ear as the crowd chanted. They sang songs from each album - from Blueprints for the Black Market until the recent one. I was so happy 'cause I was able to watch the concert with my friends as well. I knew the band members had a great time because after they finished singing all their songs and went off stage, the crowd chanted "Anberlin, Anberlin" again. They came back on stage and sang two more songs and promised to come back to Manila again. Awesome.
Some pictures from the concert.
Credits to my friend, Jec for this picture.  Look at Stephen go!
 More from Jec. What crowd!
 STOP! In the name of love! *Pic from Aika Beltran, Anberlin Fan.
 Me with the gang just after the concert.

I had a hang-up after the concert. It was just a great and crazy night. Even Stephen (the vocalist) tweeted  something the day after that made my heart swell.
How awesome is awesome?

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