Friday, April 15, 2011

American Adobo

Before our SME (Subject Matter Expert) went back to Minnesota, she asked us to teach her how to make Adobo. Since I'm always so excited about cooking and all that, I was one of the volunteers to teach her. We had an Adobo party a few days before she left.
That's M, L and Me doing some preps for the Adobo. Where was I looking? What the hell was I thinking? I got no idea either. Earth to Paige!!! LOL

 The Adobo. Yummy, yummy! L (our SME) cooked it. We just did all the preparations but she did all the cooking. :)
 Taken when our co-workers clicked the hotel room doorbell and surprised us with pictures. Not surprising for me but as usual, I'm still going ballistic! LOL!
The cooked Adobo along with the other food. Yum! Of course the Adobo was sold out. There was hardly any left!

We were really sad when L went back to Minnesota. Btw, my co-workers liked to eat lots and I swear my skirts are a little tighter than when I started working last January.  

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