Friday, May 20, 2011

One month later

My last post was on April 15. I'm still the procatinator and lazy girl you've always known. Just so you know, all of a sudden, blogspot cannot be accessed at work. Why oh why? Beats me.

Don't ask how I can still post and rant about all this, aren't I at work? DON'T ASK.

I'll post some more stuff tomorrow. I promise!

Just a life update: (in a lazy, messed up, whatever-i-think-about order)
I enrolled in a gym. (yahoo!)
Tried to go back swimming but failed. (work, swim, home. So exhausting! The traffic is annoying.)
Still working at Reuters (ofcourse!).
Working part-time as a content writer
Gained weight. (That's why I enrolled in the gym!)
Gained weight but still pretty. (uhuh.)
Lashes fell off. (I'm currently walking around without my pretty lashes. Huhu)

Here's a cute dialogue from me and my co-worker:
"S: I'll pull your skirt up.
     ME: It's alright, I'm wearing pretty panties. :)

The mad woman. LOL

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