Saturday, May 21, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: Louie Mamengo

Just last Sunday (May 15), me and my friend Erika went to Philippine Fashion Week. It's the last day and damn if we missed out. We went to the fashion show of L'oreal featuring designer Louie Mamengo. He already died, by the way. May he rest in peace. Let me share some pictures from Louie Mamengo's last collection. From what I know, he studied in Paris for quite sometime. L'oreal is a French company too by the way.

 This was the first piece in the runway. I must admit I like this piece. It has this kindof Scottish feel to it and the whole ensemble seem to make it work. And Anne Curtis is really pretty.

 From the left, Black Riding Hood, anyone? Well it looks really nice but I doubt if anyone can use this, except if you live in Paris. Second one, this garbage bag inspired gown is hideous. I don't want to insult the dead, just the gown. I mean, seriously? What person in the right mind would where a gown like that? That's my opinion. Other people would think differently but hey, it's a free world.

And that's us. From the left, RB, Erika and Me. I did acquire quite a tan, I went to the beach the day before that but that trip is saved for another post.

Photos by RB Carmen and Jomike Robina. And yes, I do site my Sources. :)

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