Monday, September 26, 2011

Patience is a virtue

I do what I want. I don't really wait. Why wait? One of my faults - very impatient. If I could pray for patience now, believe me I would. But my prayer would go like:
Lord, please give me patience right now!
Beats the purpose of asking for some patience. A friend J has this book on Kokology - the study of self-discovery through some innocent situations.

She asked me something like: "If you were to wait for your turn to ride a roller coaster, how long are you willing to wait?" I replied, "I can wait up to 2 hours if the ride is worth it."

Turns out, the amount of time I was willing to wait in line was the time I would spend in foreplay. One of my officemates answered 10 minutes, the other said she wouldn't want to wait. I guess I do have some patience. I guess patience is virtue afterall. Two hours, hmmm.


Dainty Erika said...

Probably the longest time I'd wait is 30 minutes. Haha!

Paige said...

Well if it's worth the ride, I can wait a little longer. LOL

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