Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Block

Ever had a writer's block? It's awful. I'd say it's terrible. As Jessica Zafra described it, "it's like the constipation of the brain." That's true. I can't squeeze anything out of my brain. I can't write anything. Maybe I can, how about the alphabet? Anyway, I can't think of an article, a poem, a sonnet, a short story, or anyting to write! Zilch! I could write in a blog, yes. It's only about recalling what happened, what'd you do, how'd you do it and put it to words so you could write it down, but sometimes when I am attacked by an incapacitating case of the writer's block, I can't put things into words. I don't know how! I have an illness! oh no!! I forget terms. I lose them. I lose them all! Its awful! And when The Block leaves me alone, I would be too busy to write. And when I'm free, and got nothing to do, there goes The Block, like a leech, sucking the contents of my brain until I'm so frustrated I couldn't write, I'd get into a very foul mood.

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