Sunday, February 11, 2007

school and stuff like that

After deciding against attending my CAT class, I chatted with my mom using my yahoo messenger, for a while. After we said goodbye, I sat on the comfy chair I usually sit when watching tv, and played bleach.

I was enjoying the anime until I heard someone call me from outside our house. I turned to our clock in the sala. It doesn't work. We'll, screw it. I was sure it was past 8 and our CAT isn't finished yet so I surmised it couldn't be a classmate, so I pretended I didn't hear it and went on watching the tv. The dogs were so loud and I got irritated so I went outside to check who it was.

It was April! A friend. She didn't want to be late in our CAT class so she went to our house instead. I messaged her a while before she went to house that I wouldn't be able to attend the class. So she handed me her new i-pod which pissed her the night before because it was fake. I told her it was okay, atleast she could have some music in handy. She used our computer and watched videos from Youtube while I took a bath and then watched bleach in our sala.

April came because she didn't want to be punished with a pump. Well, the guys get knuckle-closed push ups. We get pumps, its easier when you think about it. *sigh*

It was nearly one when I chatted with a former mod on a site I used to be affiliated with. Blah blah blah... We went to school at 2pm for practice. I saw this guy, and he used to be like my older brother but well, things got pretty awful between us so we don't talk to each other anymore.

April and I went to buy a shake and while we were getting back, I saw him getting out of school across us. He was with Lester who won the Mr. Sportsfest title. I congratulated Lester and ignored the other. April commented about it. There is nothing left to say between us. And whatever is left wouldn't change anything. There are some things that must be left unsaid. I'll keep silent about it.

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