Monday, February 12, 2007

I lost

I lost Game of the Generals to a Junior. So I get silver. Way to go Paige! Pretty sarcastic, eh? I'm as sarcastic as I can get today. But when kuya Jeff, a music teacher who teaches in our school by private classes, walked home with me today, he told me to be free, to put my losses aside. I should do that. I should. But of course, losing is very hard to accept at first. But when I came to think of it, I realized that my loss should be used as positively as it should. Losing could either destroy me or only make me better. I have a choice. We all do and I choose the latter. I don't want to lose but I don't want to be destroyed either.

I'm listening to Mayday Parade... Dards asked me to listen to it more... haha nice, its so emo.. If you listen to it the first time and you don't know Mayday Parade, you'll mistake it for Panic! at the disco...

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