Tuesday, February 13, 2007

its february 13 and its tuesday

We spent our whole day in school along the corridors, because primary students came to use the high school gym at 8 or 9 am, i think. So we went upstairs in our room. I made my notes in CLE, because our teacher had posted millions of manila paper on the board for us to copy (i'm exaggerating!) I borrowed a notebook in CLE from the other section. I was copying Elma's notes when she told us to go down because classrooms will be closed. Elma is the deputy in our CAT. Seems like the CAT officers were raiding the classrooms. Students are not allowed to stay inside the classrooms because the school's afraid they'd do something perverse, I surmised.

Then the Student Council members were called. It's an exclusive club where members are elected by the high school students. It's like a student government in our school. There are 5 freelancers that were not voted by the students, but chosen by the Council itself. I am one of the 5. Anyhows, we didn't use the boardroom because the table was taken away for a while. We went to HE room to get the things needed for our fair tomorrow. We will be having booths. We worked in the music room for no classes were held there today. Warren taught me the lyre. It was kind of easy. Then we started to work on the things we need. After that, we had a meeting, like where to put this and that, who'll be in charge of this and that. We also discussed the upcoming event. Razzmatazz which is composed of the Dancefest, Battle of the Bands, and High school dance. Lindsay and me are going to host of the Battle of the Bands.

Students who don't know me personally will be astonished, I think. They don't know I have rock for my music genre. I just don't look like it. I look like what? A tweeny bopper around the corner. ahahaha... maybe that's too much but anyway, I don't use black much. Everybody likes black. Rockers like black. I don't use pink much either. Guys like pink, because they say "it takes a real man to wear pink". Girls like pink. Children likes pink. Everybody likes pink. And I have a neurotic compulsion not to be like everybody.

Anyway, they should have suspended the class because we did nothing but roam around the campus and sleep along the corridors.

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