Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yesterday was Valentine's day

No roses. No gifts. No chocolates. Nothing.

Hahaha.. I've got used to it. The Student Council were selling chocolate roses for people who would want to give it to their girlfriend, boyfriend, crush or whatever. And they come selling to me. Me. Of all people, me. Lovely. But others buy it for themselves simply because it tastes good. Its white chocolate. They were like "Paige, c'mon and buy some, you're a Student Council Officer, you should buy," in Filipino. But I did buy. I bought one for myself. A yellow one because it looks sunny.

I went to the juniors bench to join scrabble. I didn't switch teams. I just joined their game! Anyway, the SC announced a new law so they could capture someone for the jail booth and people were running around so they wouldn't be caught. The laws voided every 30 minutes so SC had to announce a new one every half an hour. Prisoner's weren't allowed to bail themselves out. So I bailed two people. Gelo, my weird neighbor whom people didn't want to pay for, and Jeca, a friend. Gelo bought me a drink after I bailed him out. He really didn't need to. Well, he did, so I just enjoyed my Slush Puppie drink.

Anyway, basketball between Seniors and Sophomores was awful. Our players were playing bad. Sophomores were on lead for more or less, 20 points on the first quarter. Carl, who was captain last year, entered the game in the second half. He shouldn't really play because he has asthma. I think we tied the score of 50 at the fourth round. They were on lead for 3 quarters. Can you believe it? Anyway, we won in the end.

But anyway, its no extraordinary day. It's February 14, so what?

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