Sunday, February 18, 2007

trees and some guy from uranime

Yesterday, April and Jeca went here in our house and we were chilling in my room. We surfed the net, ate ice cream and stuff like that. I once again, after 2 long years, have asked them to draw me trees. You could know others by looking at the trees they drew. Drawing trees is less harmful than drawing a person or a scenery. Even kids could draw them. So why don't you send me a drawing of your tree so I could know you better?

Anyway, after a while, we took pictures. We had nice and goofy pictures. I posted one here.. I posted the others in my flickr. You could visit it. or you could click the 'view my picture' link there below my profile. They ate dinner here at home and we took pictures some more then decided they should go home. I accompanied them until they got in a tricycle and went their way.

I had an argument with some guy. I met him in an anime forum I used to be affiliated with or let's just say, I used to be registered in. Anyway, it wasn't really an argument. It was uhhhmmm... how should I call it? let's just call it a quarrel. Anyway, when I logged in this morning, I think I heard him log out. In AIM, you get to hear a sound when a buddy logs in or logs out. I could only surmise that he's avoiding me. So, just to stop this nonsense and just so I wouldn't disturb him and he wouldn't be avoiding anyone anymore, I decided I would quit AIM. Besides, my other buddies I added in AIM have Yahoo! messenger anyway.

But it's still a pity. He could be easy and fun to talk sometimes. He could be funny when he tries to. He also said he likes me and I have a great liking for those who like me. Let's just mention my friends. I like them but I liked them more when I found out that they like me and wanted to remain friends with me. Same with him. I honestly started to like him. I told him that as well. I'm blunt. I told him I liked him because its true. I also told him that he's a snob and he's hard to talk to, because it's true. He's a big snob of a guy! And he's just really hard to talk to sometimes. It's hard to keep a conversation going with him. I could quit AIM (for a while anyway) so he could get on with his life without me bothering him and I could just die and get another life.

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