Tuesday, February 20, 2007

it's 1:00am and i'm glad my project is finished

My groupmates went over to make our project. They saw what De La Salle University- Manila had sent me. Yes. I've passed it. I was quite worried at first because some of my classmates who get high marks (actually, everyone in our class gets high marks!) weren't able to make it in. It was one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines anyway. So I was worried that I may not pass it as well but thank God I did. So let me murmur a prayer of thanks and gratitude. phew.

It's 1:00am actually. I've checked and edited what my groupmates did. I was quite dissatisfied. Our sir asked us to manually make a simple html website. So we did it using notepad. The project is quite okay. It's just basic html put together. And we should have a atleast a total of 10 linking pages. Html is quite forgiving when you make little mistakes but mistakes such as forgetting to close a tag and forgetting " sign cannot be tolerated. When I checked it, I was quited irritated because some data were also pasted twice. I checked all of it. The data and all those kind of stuffs. And being able to chat with some obnoxious, arrogant snob who says I'm pompous isn't much of a treat either. So I'm being pompous. Oh hell, I'm supposed to quit AIM, atleast for a while. I forgot. And if you're a buddy in my AIM and I've added you (I've added all of my buddies), please just post a tag here in my blog to contact me. You could also send me an offline message in my Yahoo! messenger: 'ghurl_nxtdoor'. I should wait until the prom's over and I've got all those exams finished.

And besides, it is time to stop being pompous, is it? I'm exhibiting self-importance. Meaning I'm arrogant. Well, that makes two of us. (do you know what I'm talking about? I bet you don't. It doesn't matter, my entry is going to be finished anyway)

Anyhows, I'm glad I've finished the project. But lets hope that my eyes will be okay in the morning.

Wait a minute, it is morning!

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