Tuesday, February 20, 2007

today is a nice day

I was late for school today. I slept in late. Imagine waking at a quarter to 7am. So I was late. I slept at 2am anyway so it would be no surprise. But it was still a nice day. My statistics class was quite alright. My economics class was... well.. not much the same but we had a quiz about it and the topic our sir quizzed about was a topic I was not able to attend because I was absent. Anyway, I think I'll be okay. I asked help from Jeca before the quiz started.

At 2pm we went down to practice the entourage for the prom. We also practiced the song we're going to sing. But before that, ahhheeem was there. He said hi and we talked for a while. He was nice today. He isn't such a snob, of course, WHEN he tries to be nice. He also looks nice. He looks like he's in a good mood. Of course, everybody knows I wouldn't go beyond the casual talk. It's just no man likes me more than they like their ego. Those who say they like me and I mean like me-like me, care more about the image they project than I do. It's just that I think lowering your pride wouldn't make you less of a person. I just want to find some guy to trust. But I'll be damned if I find one.

My cousin and me toured our aunt in one of the malls here. She came from Texas and she wanted to go out. We made her ride a tricycle and a jeep for transportation. We went over the overpass (as Filipinos call it). Bought something for her kids. We talked about stuff, like guys, boyfriends, experiences, studies and some other things. We also ate out. Then we went home. It was such a nice day. Atleast I had someone to talk to.

You see that pic over there? I'm sleepy. I've got such big eye bags. I look so tired. I'll kiss you goodnight then... hehe.. I'm in a good mood... mwahh.. Goodnight!!

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