Sunday, February 25, 2007

questions someone asked me to answer

Name: Paige
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Year level:Senior High
favorite wild animal:The lion
If given the chance, would you go into extreme sports?You mean bungee jumping, sky diving, those kind of stuffs? sure, why not?
Ever rebelled against your parents before?Yep. But it was short. Lasted only for about a couple of months.
Do you get along with your parents?Sure. we're cool.
Ever tried making out with a man/woman?A man? nope. a woman? gross..
Ever tried being friends with a homosexual?Sure.. lots of them in school. We're friends until now.
Did a person of the same sex ever wanted to have some romantic attachments with you? A fine way to put it and yes, there was.
Ever had a boyfriend? Nope. I haven't had one.
Are there ones who tried to be one?Yep
If so, how many?Sorry, I don't count.
Did a guy ever tried sleeping with you before?Mhm.. yeah... I guess there was..hehe
What did he say?An overused, annoying, grotesque punch line
Ever had sexual relations?Nope. don't count on it.
Ever been bullied?Yep. when I was a really young..
When was this?When I was in 2nd to 3rd grade, I guess. I was younger and smaller than my clssmates, guys were picking on me. And in 5th grade, a year after I entered a new school and I made it in pilot class. girls love me, they were hectors. ahahaha
Are you still bullied?Nah. They won't even try to.
How did it stop?When I had the an-eye-for-an-eye mentality. I returned the threats and did them.
Have you ever punched a man before?Yes.
Ever felt very furious before?Not really, just felt like wringing someone's neck.
Could looks kill?Nope. Words could.
Do you smoke? drink? take drugs?No, no and no..
Do you love music?Yes.
Do you sing?yes
Have you ever tried singing for a crowd?Sure
What instrument can you hold?I can hold any instrument, but I can't play them.
Do you dance?A little, but not that good.
First thing you do when you wake up:Open my eyes.
Last thing you do before going to sleep:Close my eyes.
Do you consider yourself stupid?Nope.
Do you consider yourself sensible?Not sensible enough.
Do you sometimes deliberately make others think you're stupid?
Yep, most of the time.
Why?So they wont become too careful around me.
How would you describe yourself?I am irony personified.

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