Thursday, March 1, 2007

money talks

I had a new boss today. Jeca and I were sitting on a bench outside the girls' bathroom door when he came. He knew me of course. He said he needed some compositions. He said he needed a writer and made some money sign using his fingers. I rolled my eyes and asked, "So, how much?"

So we finally agreed on a price. 4 compositions that'll cost as much as my allowance for two days. So we agreed I'd give it to him tomorrow. It's 4 compositions anyway. But I received the notebook I'm supposed to write on at my lunch time and finished the 4 compositions at 2:30 or 3pm, I guess. To think that I also had some short classes then.

So I finished it the day he approached me. It's a two day allowance anyway. And so, money does talk.

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