Saturday, February 17, 2007

Today is the day we talk about the dance

So last night was Razzmatazz. I'll save the trouble talking about the dancefest because it was a flap. The Tunog Cavinian Rockfest was good. I personally like the first one who performed because of their choice of artists and songs. They chose both foreign and pinoy indie rock artists. I personally want to support them (but going to gigs and stuff like that is another matter). Anyway, they announced the highschool dance open so people went onto the dance floor. Then our SC vice-president announced that the jail booth is open. Those who don't dance shall be caught. So everyone ran to the dancefloor in fear to be put into jail.

So everybody was happy. Everybody was dancing to the lively music. Until they played slow and soft songs where couples are to hold each other close. I rolled my eyes and returned to the bleachers. I went to a dark spot where some of my batchmates are sitting. Then one by one they start going to the dancefloor to dance with their partners. I'm used to that. It wasn't that big a deal at all that I sat at the bench while couples sway together on the dancefloor. arrrrrrggghhh... okay, I'll stop lying! darn it... It was a big deal... A big hell of a deal... but I can't do anything about it now, can I? Might as well think about it never happened. And anyway, some things could be worse than this. I could fall off a building, or have my head chop off. So atleast I'm keeping my head and my body isn't decapitated that you can hardly look at it. It's not so bad, is it?

So as I sat on the bleacher, he sat at the same lane where my bleacher was. I know he wasn't going to dance me but I'm wishing he will. Arrrgghhh... although I'm naturally honest, sometimes it's just so hard being honest about things like this. Well, just as I expected, he didn't. Of course he wont. Dream on, paige. I desperately want to like someone else. I want to like someone else. I want to find someone else. But the real question would be: Is that someone else willing to be found?

This is worse than having my face flushed in the toilet.

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